Project Team

Project Administration and Staff


University Archives and Historical Collections

Cynthia Ghering, Project Director

Cynthia Ghering is the Primary Investigator and Project Director of the Spartan Archive project, NHPRC RE-10025. She is director of the Content and Collaboration Teams in central IT Services and director of the University Archives and Historical Collections at Michigan State University. The IT Services Content and Collaboration Teams coordinate tools and services that support productivity tools including content management and repositories, core office services, institutional messaging (email) and calendaring services, web development and hosting, call-in service centers, and desktop support. Cynthia is an intermittent instructor at the University of Michigan’s School of Information and teaches in SAA’s Digital Archives Specialist program.

Portia Vescio

Portia Vescio is the assistant director of UAHC and manages the day to day activities of the archives and records management program. Portia has taken a management role in the project, specifically as it relates to the contributions of the electronic records archivists. She continues to educate herself on the OAIS framework and is working towards a Digital Archives Specialist certificate through SAA’s new digital archives curriculum.

Lisa Schmidt

Lisa Schmidt is an electronic records archivist for UAHC. She was originally the project manager for this project, RE-10025. Lisa has continued working on the project and has assisted in the implementation and testing of Archivematica and the development and testing of new workflows. She is also conducting our self audit based on the TRAC criteria and developing documentation to address several important components of the checklist. Lisa is also exploring collaborative opportunities with the MSU Libraries and their development of an Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) repository.

Ed Busch

Ed Busch is an electronic records archivist for UAHC and has taken on additional responsibility in the project than originally envisioned in 2009. Ed is developing and testing new workflows for the ingest, accessioning and processing of born-digital records. Ed is a former IT software developer and is using his past experience to help develop technical requirements for OAIS based functionality still needed in MSU’s TDR. Ed is also a leader in the Mid-Michigan Digital Practitioners’ Group, based on the Library of Congress and National Digital Stewardship Alliance’s (NDSA) call to action.

Richard Burgis

Richard began working at UAHC on January 17, 2011 and was the lead technologist and programmer for the SpartanArchive project until July of 2012. Richard did substantial development and design for the project as well as serve as a technologist for setting up and configuring Archivist Toolkit.

Whitney A. Miller

An archivist with the MSU UAHC who was consulted regarding early concepts in regards to appraisal of the registrar office records series, conducting assessment of archival management software, and archival administration reporting.


Office of the Registrar, Spartan Archive Contributor

Kristin Schuette

Kristin Schuette is the Associate Registrar for Technology. She has been the acting RO systems analyst on the Spartan Archive Project since Fall 2010. Kris initiates the transfer of the digital files from the RO’s databases and re-submits as needed until the files have been successfully ingested and validated.

Michael Babcock

An information technologist in the RO. Soon after the project started in 2010, Babcock accepted another position at Michigan State

Rajeev Krishnan

RO technologist who was selected to replace Michael Babcock.

Damion Gadson

RO systems analyst, replaced Rajeev Krishnan on the project in April 2011. Sometime in late 2011 or early 2012, Damion Gadson left the RO. RO technical supervisor Kris Schuette took over for most of the project.


Central IT, IT Services

Trevor Barnes

Trevor Barnes works for IT Services on the Web Development and Hosting team. Trevor Barnes is a web designer with a specialization in design, usability and branding. He has been assisting both with the original Spartan Archive pages and TDR portions of the project with design mock-ups for the public interfaces – both the MSU version of TAPER for university offices to submit transfer agreements and the user access interface to search and browse the four archived record series from the Registrar’s Office. Trevor has also provided support with technical research and consulting.

Felicia Berryman

Felicia Berryman works for IT Services on the Collaborative Services and Support team. She has been involved with the project since April 2012 as a system administrator and database administrator. She often served as the sole point of contact for technical questions from UAHC staff until the recent project expansion. She has helped educate IT Staff on archival processes and continues serving in the role of intermediary between UAHC (archivists) and IT Services (technical support.) Felicia Berryman has helped out considerably with documentation, especially in the technical arena. Felicia has also participated in the collaborative digital preservation initiatives with the MSU Libraries.

Anthony Beyers

Anthony Beyers works for IT Services on the Web Development and Hosting team. He is the systems administrator for the majority of centrally-supported web hosting for MSU. Tony has contributed to the project by installing Islandora, a potential web access solution for the TDR, and assisting with infrastructure design of access technology, and exploration of cloud storage as a potential backup storage solution.

Jeffrey Daniels

Jeffrey Daniels works for IT Services on the Web Development and Hosting team. He has worked on many content repositories and content management systems, including the web content management system, Hannon Hill’s Cascade Server, powering Jeff is a search and retrieval expert and developed and maintained, keyword search and several online directories. Jeff researched extensively in the area of Fedora, Islandora, Hydra and other sustainable access interfaces for the TDR. He is also the functional lead of the Islandora software implementation tasks and is working on system requirements and configuration. Jeff is also participating in collaborative initiatives with the MSU Libraries.

Steven Devine

Steven Devine is the Assistant Director of IT Services Content and Collaboration and brings considerable programming, system administration and technical management experience to the project.. Steven Devine manages many of the IT technical staff in the project and reports directly to Cynthia Ghering. Steve is playing a significant role in the design of the technical infrastructure and consulting on system requirements. He put in place several development systems and worked directly with staff in the virtual server team to set up the necessary server environment to support the complexity of the TDR. Steve has also educated himself on the OAIS framework and digital preservation and is applying this knowledge directly in the administration of this project.

Denyson Figueiredo

Denyson Figueiredo works for IT Services on the Collaborative Services and Support team as a storage administrator. He has helped configure storage for both development, test, and long term production storage for the TDR including the “quarantine” area and pre-ingest holding area.

Eric Holp

Eric Holp works for IT Services on the Collaborative Services and Support team. He is a programmer and has been dedicated to the project full time since March 2013. He has done extensive testing on the current code base. In addition, he has been able to fix multiple errors in the original Spartan Archive code, salvaging months of programming work. Eric installed and customized a test version of TAPER which will be used to facilitate submission agreements as university units transfer born-digital records to UAHC. Eric created a preservation verification solution for systematic and consistent checksum validation of the files preserved long-term in the TDR storage. Eric also participates in collaborative initiatives with the MSU Libraries.

Kenneth Jodway

Kenneth Jodway works for IT Services on the Collaborative Services and Support team as a project manager. Ken facilitates bi-weekly project progress meetings in addition to working individually with all project staff helping direct progress and task achievements. Ken’s efforts in performing the “red, yellow, green” status updates are vital to the success of the project.

Debbra Malcangi

Debbra Malcangi manages the Web Development and Hosting team. She has helped allocate resources and provide consulting for the project design and technological design. Debbie also brings considerable technical project and resource management experience to the project. She has educated herself on the OAIS framework and is an invaluable resource in breaking the project into small achievable tasks.

Raman Padmanabhan

Raman Padmanabhan works for IT Services on the Collaborative Services and Support team. Raman Padmanabhan has assisted UAHC for the past few years on virtual retention services. Since the last narrative report, Raman has set up numerous development, test, and production environments of Archivematica for the TDR. He has helped with technical research for UAHC in many ways with a recent example was his investigation of the ACE, Audit Control Environment, software that may one day be incorporated into the TDR. Raman has also been available to be an additional technical contact for UAHC staff

Ajay Patel

Information technologist from Administrative Information Services (later to become IT Services after the 2012 re-organization). He served as project technical advisor from late 2009 to early 2013.

Patrick Pramov

Patrick Pramov was mentioned in the March 2013 narrative report, but shortly after left the university. His duties were taken over by Ken Jodway.